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About JMB

It stressed that the partners in his personal capacity, as well as the firm, as legal person is duly registered in the Public Register of Accountants, which manages the Supervisory Board of the Profession of Public Accounting and Auditing, which is the under the Ministry of Economy, responsible for the monitoring of Public Accountants in El Salvador.

Our mission of purpose has been defined as follows:

"With the help of God will bring every effort to ensure that our customers get the satisfaction of having made the best decision, to retain our services, contributing to the achievement of business objectives, in a legal and honest"

Our definition of vision is:

"Being an organization with American leadership, solid financial, structural and technical, with a position in the business community, the credibility of the mystique of strength in service and professionalism of its human resources"

What is the difference with other firms?

The answer is simple, merely having contact with the client. usually more than one of the professionals of the firm, remains in constant approach with the client, trying to identify opportunities to contribute to better management within your business.

In addition we have the support of a group of professionals (GIC) in Central and Latin America who are willing to resort to the help of our company in case it is required, especially in special jobs that require another type of experience.

In summary, the strength of our firm rests on three pillars:

  • The professionalism of our staff solidifies increasingly, by way of continuing education.

  • Quality control is in compliance with global requirements demanded by the International Auditing Standards.

  • Our rates are highly competitive in terms of the quality of the services we offer.