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Audit Services

Audit of Financial Statements

Is one that expresses an opinion or professional opinion regarding the financial statements of an economic unit by a certain date and the results of operations and changes in financial position for the examination covered the prerequisite that this view is expressed by a practitioner duly authorized for that purpose

Tax Audit

The tax audit is to bring calm to the directives of the management company who have given their tax is correct and have no legal problem with the state for this concept, determining whether the company is liquidating, stating and paying national taxes and municipal office, in order, reduce the risk of potential penalties, interest.

Comprehensive Audit

The compliance audit is the determination or review of financial operations, administrative, economic and other measures to establish an entity that has been made in accordance with the laws, statutes and procedures that apply.

Audit projects With or Without External Funding

Service aimed to examine the financial and administrative management of projects and obtain reasonable assurance that resources (human, technological and economic) have been administered in accordance with project documentation (contracts, work plans, budgets, schedules, records meeting, conventions, etc.).

Internal Audit Outsourcing

Outsourcing, is the terms that is generally used to refer to the practice of delegating functions or operations of internal routines to an outside specialist. Specific internal audit as "a separate activity that takes place within the company and is aimed at the review of accounting operations and otherwise, in order to provide a service to address"

Forensic Audit

The forensic audit is the use of forensic investigation techniques, integrated with accounting, legal and procedural knowledge, and skills in finance and business, to express information and opinions as evidence in court. The resulting analysis can be used in addition to the courts can be used to resolve disputes of various kinds, without a home court. "

Government Audit and NGO

Is the critical and systematic review of the management system of public administration and private individuals or entities that manage funds or assets of the nation, conducted by independent auditors to issue an opinion on the efficiency, effectiveness and economy in the meeting the objectives of the state entity under consideration, in addition to assessing the environmental costs of operation of the entity, in order to monitor governance and protect society.

Management and Performance Audit

Its purpose is to review the management of an enterprise with the purpose of evaluating the effectiveness of their performance against planned targets, human resources, financial and technical use, organization and coordination of these resources and controls in place on that management. Is an effective support tool for business management, where you can know the variables and the different types of control.

Administrative Audit

It is a thorough and constructive organizational structure of the company, institution or government department, or any other entity and its control methods, means of operation and employment that gives human and material resources. In order to determine their level of performance and improvement opportunities.

Operational Audit

Further consideration is the professional, objective and systematic of all or part of the operations or activities of an organization, project, program, contract or investment in particular members or specific operational units. Its purpose is to determine the degree of effectiveness, economy and efficiency achieved by the organization and make recommendations to improve the operations evaluated. Basically related to the objectives of efficiency, effectiveness and economy.