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Training Services

Tax and Legal

Order to remain competitive and stay in the market, companies today have to rely on organizational change strategies, so that the training in the fiscal and legal aspect has become a genuine process of directed evolution to impact performance employee and productivity of organizations.

Internal Audit

Develop and train staff internal audit of our clients which is an independent assessment function established within an organization to examine and evaluate its activities as a service to the organization. The objective of internal auditing is to assist members of the organization in carrying out their responsibilities.

Finance and Accounting

This service aims to improve standards and expand knowledge on the analysis made in the financial statements, taking into account modern methodology and in line with global economies and train key management staff in accounting and finance.

Human Resources

The training now accounts for a productive units of the most effective means to ensure the continuous training of human resources with respect to job functions and should play in the workplace they occupy. While it is true that training is not the only way by which guarantees the proper performance of tasks and activities, whether it manifests itself as an instrument that teaches, develops systematically placed in circumstances of competition to anyone. Under this framework, training mainly looking: To promote the integral development of staff, and consequently the development of the organization and encourage and strengthen the technical knowledge necessary for the proper performance of work activities.

Coso Internal Control RM-focused

This service training to executives and employees promotes a theoretical and practical knowledge to be applied in different business organizations for them to assess the risks facing your organization in a highly competitive arena. It has tools such as map critical processes, risk matrices, matrices operational-risk-control objectives and others that will allow the participant to make an analysis in a practical manner the current state of your business, and needs improvement required to raise.

Quality Management

Quality management has to do with the internal organization holding the determination of production processes and the characteristics and qualities of products, ie the management or the management of production process focused on continuous improvement. In addition to performing or participating in the characterization of new products at different stages of development and in establishing quality specifications thereof. Develops, implements and coordinates the implementation of test methods for determining the quality characteristics of raw materials, intermediate products and final products.