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Consulting Services

Financial Management Consulting

The goal of management consulting is to assist our clients in making timely decisions and proper management of your company including level analysis considered for this administrative structure adequate segregation of duties for each of the company's jobs resulting in efficient and effective development.

Tax Advisory and Consulting

The advisory and consulting with regard to tax laws is given by the union of professional accounting and tax law whose purpose is to provide protection and prevention in the field of taxation, the economy and protect the rights of their clients to expand resources that provide the same laws.

Advisory and Consultancy Business Organization

The advice is to guide, advise, suggest actions of specificity to the element that directs the organization. The counselors act as consultants to managers and subordinate staff under it, has no direct authority over any member of the departments where they do their research. The assessor is a person usually very prepared with a very broad view of many matters of a general nature.

Assessment of Administrative and Operational

The evaluation of the administrative appeal is a process to identify and communicate to employees, how they are performing their work and, in principle, to develop plans for improvement. When done properly assessing not only make staff know employees what their level of compliance, but that influence their future level of effort and in the proper discharge of their duties. If the employee is sufficient reinforcement, enhanced security performance. The perception of the tasks the employee must be clarified by establishing an improvement plan.

Administrative Management

It is a very particular process consisting of the activities of planning, organizing, implementing and monitoring performed to determine and achieve the objectives identified by the use of human and other resources. It also includes the development of: Manual of organization, administrative procedures manuals, internal controls environment manuals anf analysis and evaluation projects.

Business Legal Advice

The legal advice business is a new concept of advice to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and individuals, both nationals and foreigners, as it offers services with high added value through our professional all lawyers, economists, and specialists in different areas, Legal, Tax, Constitution and legalization of new businesses, adaptation and transformation, temporary cessation and dissolution of companies.

Job Counseling and Human Resource

Our team helps you find the most effective way for people to develop their work within the synergy conferred by the working group activities, and thus achieve the shared vision of the company's human capital. And review to meet the labor obligations based on existing laws which govern it. Also, evaluate your staff to enhance professional performance, evaluate and design the charges, Roles and Organizational Structure, conduct surveys of employee and customer satisfaction,; evaluate the organizational climate of your company to improve employee performance, recruitment and recruitment, employment benefits and bonus calculation and preparation and submission of personal Returns