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Financial Services

Accounting Services Outsourcing Level

With the outsourcing service, seeks to ensure that the information system is timely and reliable accounting, developing the functions of the counter and we take care of the accounting records of the company's operations, ensuring proper handling of documentation and providing financial information useful for decision making and control of key enterprise accounts.

Administrative and Financial Consulting Firms

The consultancy service provided by our team of management consulting services Financial and delves into the dynamics and status of the company, with an analytical approach to problems and challenges, to develop strategies consistent with it, generate recommendations and provide the most effective solutions for customers. This team consists of personnel management and financial consulting.

System Design Based on IFRS Accounting

According to a resolution dated January 22, 2010 issued by the Supervisory Board of the Accounting and Auditing, agreed to the adoption of a comprehensive plan for the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards for Small and Medium-sized Entities (IFRS for SMEs) Resolving that entities not listed on the stock market must submit their first financial statements to IFRS bases / SMEs by the year starting 1 January 2011, notwithstanding the above, according to the accounting principle of comparability, entities must submit their financial statements based on these standards for the financial year ending 31 December 2010.

Due Diligence Assistance

The main purpose of the "Due Diligence" is to reduce the risk of the transaction to the buyer by providing an independent assessment and review detailed business and the existence of any hidden liabilities or contingencies in all areas of study or review that includes: Financial and accounting field, Position in the market and trade issues, The quality and effectiveness of management, Technological aspects, Tax Matters, Labour Affairs, Legal Affairs and Environmental Issues.

Valuation of Companies and Business Segments

A business segment is a distinguishable component of thethe company , charged with providing a single product or service ,or combinations of them are related and are characterized by being subject to risks and returns that are different from those corresponding to other business segments within the same company. The factors to be taken into account in determining whether the goods or services are related, among others.

Corporate Restructuring

The restructuring of a corporate entity is the process of redesigning one or more aspects of the company. The reorganization of a business can be implemented due to a number of different factors, such as positioning the company to become more competitive, to survive an adverse economic climate at present, the corporation or poised to move into an entirely new direction . Here are some examples of why corporate restructuring can take place and what it might mean for the company.

Financial analysis and Affordability

The financial analysis through some financial ratios will monitor the progress of the company from the perspective of finance, allowing corrective action to reverse exercise or not to cause instability in normal operation and is to check the company's ability to meet their payment obligations. Assets are considered as the degree of liquidity or ability of their games to become cash, while the liabilities under the degree of monetary enforceability of their games in time.

Cost System Design

The design of a system of cost involves the following phases: planning, classification, collection, control and cost allocation. Cost accounting is a stage of the General Accounting, through which are recorded, summarized, analyzed and interpreted the details of material costs, labor, indirect charges and non-production costs required to produce and sell an item.

Support Privatization Processes

Privatization is a process by which the tasks are transferred from public to private sector. This process allows non-state actors increasingly involved in financing and provision of goods and services, which involves changes in roles and responsibilities of public and private.

Mergers and Acquisitions

A merger and acquisition occurs when two or more companies join, becoming one. Usually this is done to help companies succeed as they become united. When companies want to expand their operations, merging is usually done with another company. The aim is to increase profitability in the long term. Mergers are often in an environment that allows large companies to help a smaller one. This is done with care to ensure that the agreement acquired is beneficial to both parties.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility refers to the availability of resources necessary to carry out the objectives or goals identified. Generally, the feasibility is determined on a project. The feasibility study is the analysis of a company to determine: If the proposed business will be good or bad, and what conditions must be developed to be successful.