Company Profile

JMB Auditores y Consultores is incorporated, on October 29, 2004, as a public limited company with variable capital under the laws of the Republic of El Salvador. Its main partners and legal representatives practice their profession as independent auditors since many years.

Based on the above aspects, our partners have more than 30 years of professional experience in the field of auditing, consulting and related areas.

General data:

Legal Name: JMB Auditores y Consultores, S. A. de C. V.

Incorporation: The firm is incorporated under the laws of El Salvador on October 24, 2004, registered in No. 24 of Book No. 197 of the Registry of Companies, dated November 4, 2004.

Professional Registry: No. 3289, in the Surveillance Council of the Public Accounting and Auditing Profession.

Registration number of the Registry in the Public Accounting Surveillance Council: Registry No. 1887

Organizations and resources

Our firm has professional agents who are aware that experience in the service is our foundation, reason why we maintain continuous improvement through internal training, with the aim of providing the best possible service according to our principles.


Our partners, in their personal capacity, as well as the firm as a legal entity, are registered in the Public Registry of Accountants, which is managed by the Surveillance Council of the Public Accounting and Auditing Profession, which is a dependency of the Ministry of Economy, in charge of monitoring the Public Accountants of El Salvador.

We have defined our mission or purpose as follows:

Offer highly qualified administrative, financial, accounting and auditing professional services, with a sincere commitment and real dedication to our clients, with technical and professional capacity, through sufficient and adequate internal control, looking to maintain high satisfaction for our clients. clients, a good business development on the companies that hire us, bringing professional development and success to our clients, our staff and our shareholders.

Our definition of vision is:

To be leaders in quality, techniques, service and customer attention to our clients. At the same time, achieve a high satisfaction degree in all the areas that we are hired, related to administrative, financial, accounting and auditing tasks, at a national, regional, Latin American and global level, with an ambitious project to reach world-class companies.

Code of Ethics

In order to achieve true integration of our professionals and ensure our customers stay in time, we follow certain principles that allow us to perform under a misty teamwork, while fully respecting and acknowledging every member of our firm as person, and these principles are:

  • Work under high standards of integrity and respect.
  • Ability to work as a team.
  • We investigated the facts and transmit knowledge proactively.
  • We communicate openly, honestly and timely.
  • We act with energy and enthusiasm.
  • Have initiative and assume our responsibilities
  • Handle the information and documentation of our clients with absolute confidentiality.

Our values guide the actions and behavior of each of the executives and employees that make up the firm. Are our basis for making right decisions and help us build relationships based on honesty. They influence how we work with others, provide services to our customers and are committed to our environment and client.

What make us different from other firms?

The answer is simple, merely having contact with the client. usually more than one of the professionals of the firm, remains in constant approach with the client, trying to identify opportunities to contribute to better management within your business.

In addition we have the support of a group of professionals (GIC) in Central and Latin America who are willing to resort to the help of our company in case it is required, especially in special jobs that require another type of experience.

In summary, the strength of our firm rests on three pillars:

  • The professionalism of our staff solidifies increasingly, by way of continuing education.
  • Quality control is in compliance with global requirements demanded by the International Auditing Standards.
  • Our rates are highly competitive in terms of the quality of the services we offer.

Learn more about our firm: JMB PROFESSIONAL PROFILE

Certifications and legal credentials

JMB Auditores y Consultores is authorized by the Superintendencia del Sistema Financiero for Non-Bank Financial Intermediaries Audit according CD-12/08 Session No. dated March 26, 2008.


JMB Auditores y Consultores is registered and qualified by the Corte de Cuentas of the Republic of El Salvador , in the registration of private firms by resolution dated October 27, 2008.

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Organization chart


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Personal traits and qualities:

  • People with a high interest in learning and professional development.
  • Experienced technicians eager to put their skills and abilities to work.
  • Experienced professionals with a desire to a constant growth.
  • Certified specialist in any arts or crafts.

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